Отличная рпг игра для тех, кто любит мочить монстров в подземельях.

English Description:
November 30, 1996 announced the game Diablo. The first game of the genre of Action / RPG, and another hit from the company Blizzard. In this description, I will not try to explain how the game was cool. The fact that she was really excellent, evidenced by the fact that Diablo 2 sales in the first week got into the Guinness Book of Records.

What is Diablo? On the one hand, a very simple story - the world's evil in the guise of Diablo is ready to get on the ground and on the ground to establish their own laws, and we are in the image of one of the three heroes must kill an ancient evil (diablo quests). But at the same time plenty of side quests, is very thoughtful and interesting, as well as the effect of the random appearance makes the game very interesting.

Diablo classes for which you have to play, too, do not shine diversity. This warrior - a strong and well-protected characters; Archer - nimble and quick, her preference in the fight against evil - bows and crossbows (yes, there is one in Diablo crossbow); as well as a magician - weak in close combat, but falls upon your enemies angry fire, lightning and magic.

Diablo That seems to be all. Why such a success? My opinion - is firstly a very good artistic study of the game (the atmosphere, videos, music, sounds, and even font), as is losing great and test the game - all the characters are balanced, the levels / monsters / weapons as well. A large selection of unique objects creates an incentive to pass the game over and over again, and that it is not bored, virtually all of the levels are generated randomly - rooms, corridors, monsters. We add this game to network with other players (the more players, the more monsters) - get hit.

I can only advise today's game developers to pay attention to these old games, and how they are doing. It is sad to see in today's games, realistic graphics and a complete lack of an interesting story, a unique atmosphere and are tested on playability.

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